Harsh Tranquility

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Harsh Tranquility

Harsh Tranquility

I took this picture at the Namibian coast (Atlantic), at a place called Mile 108. If this very part of coastline, also called the Skeleton Coast, would be a child or a pet, you would probably refer to it as having “a face only a mother can love”. It is harsh and cold, most of times covered in fog drawing in from the cold Benguela Current. The closest to defining the colour of sand would be “dirty”, everything else around and beyond would be “shades and tones of dirt”. You will not find anything green or colourful here, even the rough and icy cold sea is rarely blue, but mostly some kind of foaming, dark, greenish grey. Try and picture the exact opposite of your typical postcard Maldives beach and palm trees.

Interestingly, some people (such as I) find these parts of the world tranquil, relaxing, calming. Maybe due to the fact that there is really not much to do, or rather nothing and nobody to distract you from … well, from what, I don’t know … I suppose from thinking about the things you usually don’t have time to think about. I often refer to these places as “where you can hear the flies fart”.

Taking people to places like this I have experienced two extremes (and nothing in between). Some wind down slowly but surely, whilst others become more and more nervous and edgy, some of them clearly getting to close to themselves and in touch with thoughts they would rather – and usually – avoid.

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