Silver Efex Pro? Not For Namibia!

| 26/07/2010 | Comments (5)

… or how not to run an online shop.

To start of with, I have downloaded the trial version and have worked with the software for 15 days. It is very good and a welcome upgrade to Theimagingfactory’s B/W converter, which I have been using happily for quite some years  now. I will write a review about Silver Efex, provided I can manage to upgrade to the full version any time soon. Namibians and their credit cards seem to be ignored by Nik Software, together with the entire country as such …  for some strange reason.

Support staff at Nik Software – or rather your Payment Gateway providers (as they are likely to be the culprits):

  • Namibia is not in your country list … full stop!
  • The list I am looking at has South Africa and Angola in it – meaning I should be looking at the correct list, yes? The list of African countries, yes?
  • South Africa and Angola – which are on the list – are on the same continent as Namibia, so are many more African countries.
  • Your instructions to switch to the UK shop, by using the “choose country” function, not only doesn’t make any sense (as above), but D O E S  N O T  W O R K … yes, really!
  • In fact, your “choose country” GoodieMcGaffter doesn’t seem to give a hoot about choices at all – and this has been tried by various web developers in our company – one ends up with the same country list every time, which should prove that (again as above) we are in the right shop already – you tell me … pretty please!
  • The phenomenon that I cannot use my German credit card either, whilst “seemingly” hovering around in the German shop, indicates that user location is probably established by some other means and choices ignored from then on forward.

Guys, get an atlas and have a look at the African continent. Whilst at it, you may want to let your gaze sway a bit left and right (ignore the blue stuff). Apart from the incomplete list of African countries, there are definitely more than 50-60 countries on this planet … trust me!

Kindly notify me as soon as Namibia becomes eligible to shop at Nik Software.

All the best

Tommy Kellner (just wants to buy the software and continue working – wasted 5 days already)

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