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Kalahari Weekend

| 11/10/2010 | Comments (0)

For a change, and long time coming, we actually did what we love doing, pack our camper and go where the nose points to. Last weekend it happened to be the Kalahari, where we parked off on a dune and roamed the area. Interestingly, and yet again, I took the big bag, tripod and entire […]

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Canon 5D Mark II … is it just me?

| 08/07/2010 | Comments (0)
Review @ dpreview.com

… or does the Mark II feel somewhat “plasticy”? As usual and due to the fact that I rarely buy equipment at or shortly after release, I’m way behind the drag curve with this. Also, I look after glass and gear extremely well and thus work with a given model for a long time. I […]

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